"Ecotourism tries to ensure local population will reap its benefits"  -Toronto Star

"The Internet has swung open the doors for less traditional forms of travel. Now with a few clicks of a mouse, socially-conscious travellers can book an educational tour with Peru's indigenous population, dive with local scuba companies in Zanzibar, or stay in communally owned lodges in Thailand." Continue reading here

"How business can save the world" -The Boston Globe

"Spreitzer also documented three case studies, which confirmed the results. One company, Rainforest Expeditions, built a lodge with an indigenous community in Peru, employing community members in jobs ranging from housekeeper to guide

and lodge manager. As Spreitzer writes, the

"sense of collective agency" gained by community members working together to solve business problems "has spilled over into civic matters as well ... [resulting in] strategic plans for sectors such as agriculture, education, ecotourism, and handicrafts." The community used its share of lodge profits to build a school and fund a medical clinic." Read the whole article here.

What Tarapoto Travel does

Tarapoto Travel is a local company in Tarapoto, Peru and only works with local communities and local businesses.  Martin Zamora was born and raised in Tarapoto and knows where to find the most beautiful waterfalls, the most magnificent landscapes, and even some wildlife, all while minimizing his tours impact on the environment. 

Write to Martin and have him work with you to organize an ecotour of the Peruvian Amazon.

"Forests can keep us alive" -Herald Tribune

...all of us rejoiced at sunrise in the tropical rain forest treetops. It was a wonderful rebirth of our five senses, made possible only through the eyes of the local people who shared their world with us.  Read the whole article here.