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We offer six great trips to the Amazonian region:

Lagarto Cocha, Petroglificos de Polish, Baños de la Unión

The journey begins at 8:30 a.m. when we pick you up in our 4x4.  Our first visit is to Lagarto Cocha ( "Lizard Lagoon" ), a beautiful portion of jungle where you can canoe, go birding, fishing and take a walk through the jungle. Continuing with the tour, we will move to the petroglificos of Pólish, a place where ancient men marked the stones to indicate that the area was suitable for fishing or hunting.
Finally we will move to the Baños de la Unión ( "Baths of the Union" ). On the way we will stop to know about trapiche, and try typical drinks of the jungle. While we are in the Baths of the Union, we will enjoy our Box Lunch with juane, fruit, and soft drink.


Amazon Tunnel, Biodiversity and Ahuashiyacu (Ah-washee-ya-ku) Waterfall

Departure starts at 8:30 a.m. We will pick you up in our 4x4 and go 20 km. to the road that leads to Yurimaguas. Then we will cross the Amazon Tunnel in order to observe the other side of the second chain of the Eastern Cordillera. After that, we will move to the Biodiversity, heavenly place where we walk through the jungle and view giant trees, also know the tree "Huayruru" and ask for a wish in the middle of the jungle. Continuing with the tour will visit the famous Ahuashiyacu Falls, where the water forms a crystal clear a pool, inviting to a refreshing swim.
Finalizing the journey, we will stop in a restaurant for lunch  typicall meals as tacacho, sausage, cecina and soda.


Laguna Azul (Blue Lake)

We will departure at 8.30 a.m. in our 4x4 travelling the Highway Fernando Belaunde Terry (former South Margin) until Km. 40 (Puerto Lopez), where we will cross the Rio Huallga on boats, After 40 minutes of travel, we will arrive to a cozy jungle town called Sauce, where the Laguna Azul ("Blue Lake") is located.
Then we will go in a boat ride around the lake and see the Biological Project of the Ministry of Fisheries, the Farmhouse May 2 and the end of the lagoon. After that, we will go swimming, rowing, canoe riding and horse riding.
We will have lunch fried tilapia fish, rice, yucca, salad, fruit drink and banana charcoal or grilled.


Departure starts at 8.30 a.m. in our 4x4 traveling on the highway Fernando Belaunde Terry (former North Margin) until Km. 25. at 850 mts above see level. Lamas is located, also known as the City of 3 floors, the first visit to the natives where you can talk and watch closely how the residents living in this area, in addition to buying their handicrafts.
Then we will move to natural lookout to appreciate the whole basin Huallaga and the Cordillera Azul, completing the journey in the Plaza de Armas and handicraft shops.
Cataratas de Huacamaillo (Ecológico de Aventura)

Departure at 8.30 a.m. We do 4x4 km. 20 from the village of San Antonio de Cumbaza where we start the walk of about 90 minutes. By the riverbed, which will cross up to 3 opportunities to reach Huacamaillo Falls reconfortable and give us a bath.
Continuing with the aventuira, treparemos the hill to traés roots, branches and walk around the gorge Huacamaillo and reach the second drop in the Falls.
Returning almorazaremos our Box Lunch (chicken to canga c / mature roasts).
The hike takes two guides who know the best places and there's always time to take pictures, it is required to bring shoes or boots with soles cocada medium-high, 2 poles cotton, short, lightweight backpack, knife Swiss camera.
Moyobamba & Rioja
Departure at 7.30 a.m. We do 4x4 km. 130, which arrive at the nascent River Tioyacu through a 10-minute walk through coffee know about the emerging of this river and walk around this wonderful place, and take excellent photos.
Continuing the tour we will move to Yacumama Resort and Villa Maria, where we will have lunch (juane fruit and soda station). Visit the recreation Chuchucenter to taste drinks aphrodisiac of the jungle, such as "OLD SOPERO" or "ROMPE CALZONCILLO", among others, then trasaldo the city of Moyobamaba to hear the viewpoint of Tahuishco, Orchid Nursery, ending the tour in the thermal baths of San Mateo.